D’Amato design is an enterprise that deeply values design, functionality, aesthetics and innovation. With many years of experience in the market working with different materials, our priority is to always think about our clients and users, that way we get to know more about their needs and lifestyle in order to completely exploit their spaces to the fullest.
We offer singular products, a unique identity in each of our furniture pieces and a value that goes beyond shapes and colors. We design and create solutions in different types of materials and finishes.
D’Amato design is directed by Architect Ricardo Ramirez. D’Amato is a company that develops architecture projects alongside a professional team of design and furniture fabrication experts.


We offer the complete implementation process of a space: from the beginning process of the development of a kitchen concept or the requested space according to the needs and expectations of our clients until we achieve the very last detail.

We start from the analyzation of the space dimensions, identifying the space’s virtues and limitations, and from there we start a proposal that conjugates functionality and practicality all reflected in an integral concept. In this process , we seek to define all details, materials, dimensions and equipments among others.


General Mendiburu 878,  102, Miraflores
+51 2214009 – +51 4413849